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Categories: Chapter I - The Twin-Verses
Books: Mastery of Self

Dr Haddock will open new views of individual nature, personal

fears, avenues of self-unfoldment, which are wholesome and

uplifting for you The following lessons are more than a conquest

of fear; they are A GREAT ADVENTURE into the heart of a courageous

life philosophy They tear away bond after bond of habit, thought

and action which have smothered your true, inner Self

Passing the brief "Introductory" matter, you start in lesson one--

"The World's New Dawn," laying the foundation for Courage-power

Dr Haddock first makes it clear why man is steadily becoming more

free--why darkening, dreadful, shackling fear is being dispelled

from the world His second lesson analyzes Fear and Reason The

third lesson explains why the healthy "tone" of mind and body is

the basis upon which the structure of personal Courage is to be