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Books: Sacred Books Of The East

All men tremble at punishment, all men fear death; remember that you are

like unto them, and do not kill, nor cause slaughter.

All men tremble at punishment, all men love life; remember that thou art

like unto them, and do not kill, nor cause slaughter.

He who, seeking his own happiness, punishes or kills beings who also

long for happiness, will not find happiness after death.

e who, seeking his own happiness, does not punish or kill beings who

also long for happiness, will find happiness after death.

Do not speak harshly to anyone; those who are spoken to will answer thee

in the same way. Angry speech is painful: blows for blows will touch


If, like a shattered metal plate (gong), thou utter nothing, then thou

hast reached Nirvana; anger is not known to thee.

As a cow-herd with his staff drives his cows into the stable, so do Age

and Death drive the life of men.

A fool does not know when he commits his evil deeds: but the wicked man

burns by his own deeds, as if burnt by fire.

He who inflicts pain on innocent and harmless persons, will soon come to

one of these ten states:--

He will have cruel suffering, loss, injury of the body, heavy

affliction, or loss of mind.

A misfortune coming from the king, or a fearful accusation, or loss of

relations, or destruction of treasures.

Lightning-fire will burn his houses; and when his body is destroyed, the

fool will go to hell.

Not nakedness, not platted hair, not dirt, not fasting, or lying on the

earth, not rubbing with dust, not sitting motionless, can purify a

mortal who has not overcome desires.

He who, though dressed in fine apparel, exercises tranquillity, is

quiet, subdued, restrained, chaste, and has ceased to find fault with

all other beings, he indeed is a Brahmana, an ascetic (Sramana), a friar


Is there in this world any man so restrained by shame that he does not

provoke reproof, as a noble horse the whip?

Like a noble horse when touched by the whip, be ye strenuous and eager,

and by faith, by virtue, by energy, by meditation, by discernment of the

law, you will overcome this great pain, perfect in knowledge and in

behavior, and never forgetful.

Well-makers lead the water wherever they like; fletchers bend the arrow;

carpenters bend a log of wood; good people fashion themselves.